I appreciate the professional work and the design of the coat of arms by DYNASTIC. Since I live outside of Slovakia, we had communicated exclusively via email. The whole process was mediated and explained by Ing. Medveď and I liked the excellent communication and work of the whole team!

Štefan Migač, priest, USA

The DYNASTIC has traced the family history of my grandparents and I was satisfied. I liked the way the book was done, and overall the family tree is so unusual that I´ve decided to surprise my wife with her own family tree. They also traced her genealogy from her grandparents and I gave her the book for her birthday.

Great work, factual communication, high expertise. Thanks. J.K.

J. Kmeť

My business partner was amazed by the gift card for his genealogy and he is already looking forward to find out more about his family. I think I will use this attitude with other important partners as well.

I. Krajčovič

Thank you very much for the wonderful Christmas present for my husband. I realize now that I did well when I contacted you in the summer . I have to say that you surprised me how quickly you did it all. Great! My husband will surely be pleased to see the book of his family.

Veronika D.

Thank you for covering the search for my ancestors. It was a pleasure to watch the results of your work and I am extremely satisfied.

Jan Čiernik

My father was very pleased to discover the past of our family. It was an excellent present for his 75th birthday. Although my father knew about the research, I could see how the research vivified him and how he immersed himself in writing his memories, which you incorporated later into the chronicle. Thank you DYNASTIC!

P. Ziatko

Thank you for a special gift for my significant other. She was very pleased to learn about her ancestors and also very surprised that you were able to keep the research as a secret.

Matej Brezovsky

I am extremely satisfied with my coat of arms. I did not expect it to be so perfectly handled and in such a short time. It is obvious that you are professionals.

JUDr. Štefan Spišák, Žiar nad Hronom

“I’m totally satisfied with your work. It’s always nice to read information about the status of the research and why some things took more time than I hoped for. There are no things to criticize!”

Thomas Alt, Germany

Many thanks to the entire team for a well done job and for hours of fascinating reading. Thanks to you, our family spent unforgettable moments together. And there is still much to talk about. We are very happy that we had chosen you for creating our genealogy – the professionals, who added value to the work with your approach.

Ing. Dagmar Maguthová / Stopercentná účtovná, s.r.o.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your colleagues who collaborated on the research of our family. It was a good choice to choose your brand DYNASTIC.

Ing. Eva Kissová / Bilancia-Profi s.r.o.

“I was very surprised where I actually come from. At our first meeting, I had transmitted the information about my grandfather, who lived in Levice, and at the end of the research I was informed that my ancestors came from Svidník. The team of DYNASTIC created a perfectly crafted family chronicle for us and it was the best choice for our family research.”

Ing. Tomáš Benčat, Bratislava

The approach of the DYNASTIC was very accommodating during the entire period from the assignment to the delivery of the final report. I am satisfied with the result of the genealogical research as well as with the method of processing. I highly recommend it as a great gift into the family library. Knowing your roots and learning so much wonderful information about your ancestors is always uplifting for both older and younger family members.

MUDr. Peter Kurák, Bratislava