Frequently asked questions

Family tree

How do I use the family tree?

A family tree could be a great heritage or a present. Our clients tend to give it to their children, parents or grandparents for their birthday or wedding anniversary.

What do you need for genealogy research?

Ideally it would be the documents about your grandparents. The most important facts are birth and marriage certificates because they contain information about the next generation. If you do not have them, we can request them from the registry office for you.

How does the ancestry research work?

We usually start our research in state registry offices from present days back to the year 1900, and until the year 1900 we search in state archives. We always look into the deepest past that has been preserved.

How deep into the past can you trace your ancestors?

It depends on the religion and on the area in which the ancestors lived. A success we consider to reach the year 1750. So far our record result is in the year 1636. We were able to find there a record of marriage of an ancestor of the given family.

In what languages ​​are the old registers kept?

Mainly in Latin and old Hungarian language, which were written in Latin alphabet. In Greek Catholic registers of Eastern Slovakia we can also find records written in Cyrillic language and Cyrillic alphabet. In the Czech Republic, it was Old Czech and Old German languages written in Neo-GothicKurent“.

What is the most complicated part in research?

The great challenge is to read the historical scriptures. The records were written by hand and each recorder had a different font. Our colleagues have to deal with that. A frequent challenge is to determine the correct ancestor, because sometimes several namesakes were born in the same parish and at a similar time.

What interesting things have you found in the genealogies?

We have found various non-traditional occupations, for example craftsmen such as potters or shoemakers, also woodcutters, coachmen, shepherds, managers of manor properties, hunters for the nobility, town mayors and founders of villages. As a real rarity we could consider finding of a member of Jánošík’s band of robbers.

What do I get?

We can submit the genealogy in digital form as a  Report from Research and we can also draw it as a family tree printed on an image. The most valuable output is the Chronicle of the Family, which captures the life of your ancestors in the form of a story.

How long does it take to trace a genealogy?

We can carry out the research of the ancestors of one family within 4-6 weeks, depending on the availability of resources. It will take approximately 1 month to process it into a picture, and approximately another 4 months to process it into a chronicle. If you would like to present the family tree earlier than it´s ready, you can hand over a gift voucher and we will continue in research already also with the recipient.

Coat of arms

How do I use the coat of arms?

The coat of arms is the main symbol of a family. It is a great gift and a way of self-presentation. You can use the coat of arms in family documents, such as a family seal or ex-libris.

How do you create the coats of arms?

Coats of arms are created by our heraldic artist, who adheres to strict heraldic rules. We care that the coat of arms describes the family values, its owner, and we try to personalize it as much as possible.

How long does it take to create a coat of arms?

The overall process of creating a coat of arms takes approximately 4-6 weeks. If you would like to give the coat of arms to someone, we have prepared a gift voucher that you can give to the birthday person.

How do you hand over the coats of arms?

 We hand over it in digital form as a JPG image and in vectors (curves), to be possible e.g. to engrave it. You will also receive a seal with the coat of arms. Our artist can create a hand-painted coat of arms, or we can have a wooden illuminated picture with the coat of arms made.

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