Research of all ancestors 

It is a great opportunity to learn about the past of your ancestors.

Research includes:

  • research in state and church registers back to the year 1900 
  • research in state archives from 1900 back to the past
  • dates of births/baptisms, marriages 
  • address of the ancestors (if it was given) 
  • occupation of ancestors (if it was given)
  • military records and ÚPN (local institutes)´s records 
  • lists of emigrants 
  • historical press


  • rsesearch report in electronic form

Price: EUR 3600 per family

  • travel reimbursements outside of the Slovak Republic which are given for approval in advance
  • graphic processing and folding of the research for printed report

 42 EUR / hour for graphic work

Chronicle of the family

An exceptional processing of the story of your family in a form of book, which is bound in leather and will delight the important people in your life.

The chronicle includes:

  • research of all ancestors 
  • research of available population censuses 
  • research in various cadastres 
  • digitization and editing of historical maps 
  • digitization of documents from military mapping 
  • survey of military archives 
  • incorporating of family memories 
  • incorporation of family photos and documents
  • creation of a family story (creative writing activity) 
  • text corrections, checking of typos
  • graphic processing 
  • page make-up in the chronicle and preparation for printing 
  • printing and manual binding of one unit of the book in leather


  • 1 hand-bound book in leather 
  • a possibility to order a custom-made wooden box with a wooden USB key with digital documents at a price of 250 EUR

Price: 9000 EUR for one family

  • additional work with the text: 42 EUR / hour 
  • printing and binding of each additional book: 200 EUR

An image with a family tree

The picture with the family tree will draw you into the history at first glance.

Image processing includes:

  • incorporating of the stories of all traced ancestors 
  • inclusion of family members of current generations 
  • custom-made graphic processing 
  • preparation for printing


  • electronic form of the image 
  • possibility to ensure printing (paid separately) 
  • possibility to ensure framing (paid separately)

The price is approximately 1400 EUR for one family

* the exact price depends on the number of people in the family tree

Compilation of the coat of arms

The coat of arms is the main symbol of a family, which reflects the values of the family.

Creation of the coat of arms includes:

  • processing of the design of the coat of arms by a heraldist 
  • creation of a design for a sealing stamp 
  • consultation about the appearance of the coat of arms with the Heraldic Register
  • assistance with registering the coat of arms in the Heraldic Register


  • electronic in vectors and as a JPG image
  • sealing stamp in a special package together with sealing wax

Price: 2500 EUR

Coat of arms charter (armáles)

A historical document with a description of the coat of arms, which only nobles used to have in the past.


  • artistically painted coat of arms charter on handmade paper  
  • possibility to provide glazing and framing (paid separately)

Price: 600 EUR

Illuminated picture

It catches everyone’s eye.

  • a specially made illuminating picture with a coat of arms 
  • possibility to choose different types of wood 
  • adjustment for battery so that the picture can hang anywhere 
  • the price calculation depends on several factors

Price: ask for a calculation


Advice from an expert – the person in the right place. 

Price: the first 15-minutes consultation is for free, 150 EUR for each initiated hour

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