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Genealogy is the heritage of the past, which is preserved for new generations

Getting to know the life of our ancestors can be a pleasant adventure. Today we live in fast times, we drive comfortable cars, we always have our mobile phone with us and we buy anything via the computer, we can even order the food delivery to our doors. Our ancestors were far from living such a comfortable life. They spent every day by taking care of providing  sustenance for their family. They were taking care of running of their farms or trade. 

We read historical texts every day. These texts are sometimes older than 300 years, and it requires our high expertise and knowledge. Our historians who work on the researches, are fluent in languages ​​which are no longer in use such as Latin, Old Hungarian and Old German, so that they are able to translate the records about your ancestors. They also master graphology to be able to read the handwritings of the scribes. 

Let’s look at what we can find and how can we process the results of your genealogy.

Research of all your ancestors

While researching the lives of your ancestors, we are examining everything what is listed in the entries of the registry. The dates of births/baptisms and marriages are very important for the research. Likewise, all information about the parents and godparents. Thanks to a responsible scribe, we can also find house numbers, information about the professions of your ancestors or other various notes.

We can trace your ancestors in Slovakia and in neighboring countries. The extent of the research depends on the preservation of the registery records. In Slovakia, Hungary and Poland, we consider it a success to trace it back to the years 1799 or 1750. In the Czech Republic and Austria, we were often able to trace it back to the year 1700.

We transmit the results of the research of all ancestors in electronic version, in the form of a factual research report.

Chronicle of the family

The basis for compiling of the chronicle is the research of all ancestors. Thanks to important information about your ancestors, we will explore interesting sources such as censuses, urbaries, censuses of the tax-paying population, old cadastral maps or information from military archives. These are very valuable sources, thanks to which we can process the history of your family in the form of a story. 

We delve deeper in the story and we describe what our ancestors had to go through during their lives, how they performed their professions and trades. We examine the conditions in which they lived and how they have been influenced by political and governmental development in their country.

We can compare the creation of the story of your ancestors to the work of a writer. It is not  about simply listing of the ancestors, it is literally about writing a book about their life. It´s about writing the best possible description of their way of life so that we could understand it even today. 

We care about the processing of the book and we want it to be well-preserved for future generations. That is why we make the books professionally graphically processed, folded, printed on high-quality paper and hand-bound in leather. The book can be complemented by a custom-made wooden box, in which you would also find a wooden USB key with all electronic documents.

An image with a family tree

Each image is a unique one. The family line is branched differently in each image. The number of ancestors and current family members is never the same. The ancestors had performed different professions and lived in different places. So you can be sure that a usage of a template is out of the question on our part. 

We try to personalize the image as much as possible and we are able to adapt it to your taste. Also we have already experience with inserting of the company logo or the main elements of the profession into the image.

5 reasons why to choose DYNASTIC


  • Extensive experience – over 9 years we have prepared more than 100 family trees for clients who are not only from Slovakia and various European countries (CZ, AT, DE, Slovenia, Ukraine…) but also from faraway America. 
  • Professional team – our team consists of the best experts. They are experienced and trained genealogists, historians, scribes and heraldists. 
  • Saving your time – you don’t need to travel anywhere. We will come for a meeting at your place or we can connect via a video call. 
  • 100%  guarantee of the data authenticity – you can be 100%  sure with the reliability of the obtained data. We inform the clients in case of some ambiguities.
  • We do research all over Central Europe – since the population migrated, it is important to look into international sources during our research.

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Frequently asked questions 
What happens when I fill out the form? 

After filling out the contact form, you will receive an automatic email with basic information. We will be happy to present our work to you in more detailed way by phone or a video call. You can find the contact below. 

How much do your services cost? 

The price for our services starts from 2000 EUR. More specific prices can be found in the Price List section. 

How can I use your services?

We preserve history for future generations, so the results of our work are a valuable heritage. Our clients can also give a coat of arms and/or a family tree to their loved ones or to their business partners.

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